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Where blockchain meets fine art
The Mighty Hercules is the combination of many of the NFT world’s best utilities.
  • Mighty Hercules is an NFT collection inspired by the art of world renowed sculptor Emre Yusufi and his signature concept of hercules, on Ethereum blockchain.

  • One of the most vital aspects of the NFT project is the artwork itself. The designs are created by a world renowned sculptor Emre Yusufi and an award winning studio StudioBigger. The artwork tests the boundaries of the digital and physical world and our role in both.

  • Might Hercules NFTs acts as your membership to Mighty Hercules community, and gives you exclusive access to member’s only Merch, Airdrops, mightyverse, upcoming events, and much more. Be sure to check out our Roadmap and join the community on Discord to stay updated.

Mighty NFT collection
  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ultra Rare
The Collection


Pre Sale

13 June, 2022


Public Sale

14 June, 2022



Your Mighty Hercules NFT will be revealed as soon as you mint.


Mighty Hercules Rarity Tool Launch on website

An online tool where you can see the rarity of the Mighty Hercules Collection on our website.


AR Experience Tool Launch

An augmented reality gallery where you can see the Mighty Hercules Collection


Ambrosia Pass Distribution

All those who hold 3 NFTs will get an Ambrosia Pass


The Mount Olympus Experience Virtual Gallery

A virtual gallery displaying exclusive Mighty Hercules statues and Legendary NFT’s


Mini Mighty Hercules Statue Giveaway

Ambrosia Pass holders and lucky Mighty holders will get a mini Mighty Hercules Statue


DAO Sculpture Sale

Sale of a physical Hercules sculpture to be used in marketing efforts to increase the value of the collection


‘Be Mighty’ IRL (in real life) events

Physical events will be held for Mighty Hercules NFT owners to attend


Special Merch Launch

Starting the sale of merchs inspired by The Mighty Hercules will be used mainly for clothing products.



The next stage in the Metaverse

Ambrosia Pass
All those who hold 3 NFTs will get an Ambrosia Pass
Ambrosia the food of the gods

In the ancient Greek myths, ambrosia; Ancient Greek for: 'immortality') is the food or drink of the Greek Gods, often depicted as bestowing longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it.

This metaphorically aligns with the longevity of our community, the maintenance of our floor value and lifetime ‘Be Mighty’ event access.

Become Mighty And Earn An Ambrosia Pass

Ambrosia Pass will be a status of your account that can be checked on our website.

  1. It grants exclusive access to ‘Be Mighty’ IRL (in real life) events
  2. It grants holders future access
    to The Mount Olympus Experience Virtual Gallery
Based Coliseum


What is the total amount of NFT’s?Mighty Hercules is an NFT collection consisting of 400 unique masterpieces on Ethereum blockchain ERC 721.
When will the minting take place?
What is the whitelisted pre-sale date and price?Pre-sale begins 13 June and Price will be 0.15 ETH
What is the public sale date?Public-sale begins 14 June and Price will be 0.15 ETH
What is the reveal date?48 hours after public sales concludes.
Is there any limit per wallet to mint?No, it is 50 per transaction for both sale processes..
How can I join the community?You can join us on Discord and Twitter.
How do I contact the team?Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you have. All essential information will be announced on Discord.
Who we are
Emre Yusufi and Studiobigger’s collabration has given birth to the Mighty Hercules.

Emre has been crafting this idea for more than a decade, he has become world renowned for his sculptures and the seamless blending of mythoglical lore with pop culture. When Emre’s path crossed with Studio Bigger, they decided to collaborate on an NFT project together.

The conceptualization of the Mightyverse provided an opportune medium with which to enter the space. Hercules is the pinnacle of the male human form, throughout history he has maintained his status as one of the most universally recognizable characters. In his own unique way he personifies divine power, the original super hero.

It is a natural transition that the legend of Hercules and contemporary art would eventually catch up with technology to take over the Metaverse. Hercules has finally returned after hundreds of years to take claim of the digital era.

Emre Yusufi

Emre, born 19.01.1981 in Istanbul. Turkish graphic designer, sculpture artist. Graduated from Academia Italiana Fine Art School in Florence, received his B.A. from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty of graphic arts and received his M.A. from Yeditepe University of visual communication design and graphic arts. After scholarship, he became co-founder of LEMONADE "Refreshing Ideas" advertisement agency as the chief art director. After his advertising career for last 5 years and present he is active globally in art stages with his genuine Hercules series. He participated international art fairs, museum appearances and made some personal exhibitions. His art is shown and become the part some important art collections in Istanbul, London, Paris, Courchevel, Cannes, Luxembourg, New York, Miami, Rome, Bologna, Honfleur, St. Paul de Vance, Monaco, Spa. Re-creating Hercules in our daily modern life and giving a contemporary form, the artist is representing by the French Gallery, Les Galleries Bartoux for 2 years.

Participated Exibitions:
  • Present - Les Galeries Bartoux London, Cannes, Monaco, Courchevel, Honfleur, St. Paul Vance, Paris, Miami, New York
  • 2021 Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea della Murgia - Pulia
  • 2021 Vernice Art Fiera Forli - Euro Expo Art
  • 2020 Out of Covid Art Atelier - Online
  • 2019 Arte Fiera Bari
  • 2019 Artist Istanbul
  • 2019 Vernice Art Fiera Forli - Euro Expo Art
  • 2019 Arte Fiera Genova
  • 2018 Contemporamea Cesena
  • 2018 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair - Galeri Baraz
  • 2018 Exhibition - Ransom Art Gallery London
Physical NFT Milestone:

Worlds 1st sculpture that has an Instagram account sold to 40 ETH

Deniz Akinci

After graduating from Graphic Design program at Bilkent University, he began working as a motion graphics designer and as a film Director for over 10 years.
"I am obsessed with time and scale contrast, I think time is what really defines reality, and reality afterall, is just an illusion. At the end of the day life is all about creating experiences!" - Necmi Deniz Akinci

Who is StudioBigger?

Studiobigger is a an award winnning multidisciplinary studio based out of Istanbul, co-founded by Necmi Deniz Akinci. Over the years the studio has produced blockbuster movies for Turkish Cinema, including a diverse portfolio of commercials and motion graphics.
Our singular goal is to create visual masterpieces through cinemamitc experiences that leaves a lasting impression with audiences for each and every one of our works.